Enhancing meditation with much love.

Nicole & Nico Zabalza started this shop as CharmmYourself after their handmade CHARMM Meditation and Sleep masks. Nico came up with the CHARMM in Meditation during a School of Remembering workshop facilitated by their dear friend Evelyn, Nico's Grandmother Mamu helped create the first CHARMMS, without her the dream would have remained just that! Nicole began sewing the CHARMMS soon after and Nico & Nicole started their first business together as Charmm LLC. They soon realized their creativity has no limit and began handcrafting and consciously sourcing the amazing product listings you see here and more! The new business name to encompass the Creative Energy is Gold Lotus Tribe to represent the Flowering of Consciousness and the Spiritual Family/Tribe. They also travel and attend events around the U.S. offering their products and unique services including sound healing and Zen Tea Ceremonies.

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